Our metric chassis is designed for a direct replacement for the hard to find 78 to 88 GM metric chassis, with an interest of ease, using and keeping the huge quantity of these cars on the race track for years to come.  We have taken great care in keeping the OEM specs intact on our chassis.  All the OEM parts fit directly onto the chassis and all OEM mounting points are the same as original X Y &Z front and rear.  In the OEM configuration the only advantage is that the racer can pick up a new piece using all his parts, knowing that it is a straight new never used to get groceries frame. We pride ourselves in keeping a full data base on all the chassis, or clips that leave our shop, from frame heights to front or rear clip numbers with the serial numbers on all chassis members. Depending on the rules at your track we can make it fit. Above all  we build em right, you turn em left . We just need to know weight jacks or OEM prior to build. This chassis is for 108 wheelbase, made for a 1pc front bar. 



          CONTACT US @          CMACRACER@AOL.COM or call 562 316 7241

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